Official supplier of Miche handbags in South Africa

Owning a Miche means never having to switch the contents of your handbag ever again. What a time saver! Unique magnetic interchangeable exterior Shells allow you to change the look of your bag anytime. With Miche, growing your handbag collection has never been more affordable. Miche South Africa, is the official distributor for Miche products within the borders of South Africa. If you would like to make any suggestions on products you would like to see in our collection, please let us know via the contacts menu.

When I was introduced to Miche bags I was delighted not only with the service that Charlene provided, but also with the concept of the Miche bags: finally a bag that I never had to change the contents of AND the ability to match the pattern and colour of my bag to match my outfit. For someone who only always owned one bag for months/years on end, this new “addiction” came as a surprise to even me. I have had many people complementing me on the Miche bags – I usually carry the Petite and two Prima bags (to transport my work things in). I am the proud owner of every available Petite shell in SA and cannot wait to expand my collection.
Gina G.